I am Evan King


Evan King (born August 7, 1981) is an award winning American director and designer living in Los Angeles California. Specializing in Digital Post Composition, Camera and Motion Graphics & Print Media. He has a worldwide roster of press and industry work and is regularly featured. Evan has also directed music videos, commercials and international press conferences as well as providing camera and direction work for non-profits.

After attending Portland State University for Theatrical Direction and starting a production company he moved to Hawaii and based his company out of Los Angeles. In 2010. King began working for NBC affiliates as a segment producer and later a director before starting his own production company specializing in direction, keying and motion graphics.

Based in Los Angeles his production company has produced several music videos and commercials including the Portland Timbers opening titles and motion graphics for a national holiday ad campaigns for Sears and Target in-store advertising .

Evan has also offered camera and direction work for several national non-profit causes including Liberation in North Korea LINK, Make Her Beautiful National Sex Trafficking, The Anne Frank Foundation, Save the Children and Dolphin Outreach. He is also well known for directing several music videos and commercials.

Evan’s Screenplays can be found in the Portland State University archives and online on simplyscripts.com.

In 2011 Evan attended the Sundance Film Festival for the independent feature film How To Die In Oregon which won the Sundance grand jury award.

Often collaborators include: Irene Taylor Brodsky, Peter Richardson, Jamie Court, Harvey Rosenfield, John M. Simpson, Liza Tucker, Carmen Balber, 

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