The PUC Papers

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I created the website and database for The PUC Papers through nonprofit Consumer Watchdog and other organizations in April of 2016. Built on a Apache SOLR Lucerne backend with Open Search Server performing OCR and indexing over 150,000 files input into a MySQL database with a custom WordPress template was used as a search front end. Super fast, and even more secure. The PUC Papers scandal was covered in both state and national news with this website being a incredibly large source for information. For more information see The PUC Papers

The California Public Utilities Commission corruption scandal resulted in hundreds of thousands of PDF, excel and various other documents being put into the public domain through the Public Records Act. The website allows you to search through all these documents that expose new webs of corruption between state energy regulators and the energy industry they regulate.

The Los Angeles Times – PUC emails appear to show former chief Michael Peevey overstepping his role – By Marc Lifsher

San Francisco Chronicle – A scandal-plagued state agency gets a shake up at last.

Sacramento Bee – California PUC’s big scandal over San Onofre closure heats up – By Dan Walters

San Jose Mercery News – PUC judge orders PG&E to produce more emails in widening scandal – By George Avalos


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